The zombie post

Jan Provoost: Death and the Miser, 16th century

So, that was one long break, wasn’t it.

Last time I posted on this blog I had just defended my PhD, moved back to Lyon, and was in a University’s cafeteria waiting for a job interview as a postdoc. I didn’t get the job, nor did I get any academic jobs for the following 8 months, until I was hired to my current position as a postdoc at Paris-Est University, 8 months ago. Including the months between my getting accepted at my current job and actually beginning that job, that gives us a rough year and a half of total silence.

I wouldn’t be perfectly honest if I said I’ve done my best work yet during this year and a half. Post-defence depression and being out of an academic job for so long left me tired, and the new position was very demanding until now, having to learn many new skills and discovering a new research team. That is also research for you.

But for those of you who are interested in this blog’s topic (space and social movements), it is, as the rotting corpse it was beginning to look like, emerging back from the ground to gobble some brain juice. I have upcoming news, as several projects are soon to be published here, that may interest you a lot:

  • I am finally (after all those years) going to begin releasing an evolutive bilbiography of what I used during my PhD on this topic particularly, along with quick notes on the pros and cons of every single item, and will also publish the Zotero library of my thesis. I hope these resources will be useful.
  • Several new notes on new reads or perspectives on previous work, as well as a few things from my thesis, will be put up on here too.
  • I intend to further one particular type of notes I have proposed here, which aim to work as quick descriptions, based on particular articles, of key concepts I have found useful to clarify from one discipline to the other.
  • The blog’s former activity will start again, and maybe include some new things such as short discussions of ongoing research. More on that later.

In the meantime I have been pretty idle, but as far as blogging goes and for my French-speaking audience I have been writing for the past few months a series of blog posts on reading the French “Yellow Vests” movement from the perspective of my thesis, which you can check out here.

Overall that is all I have to say but I hope to put more stuff on here very soon.

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