AUB’s City Debates 2016

From the 2nd to the 4th of March 2016 the American University of Beirut’s Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the Institut Français du Proche Orient and the Embassy of Canada, with support of the London School of Economics’ Middle East Centre, are organising the “City Debates” conference. The two main themes are “Regional Planning Policy” and “Refugee Policy”, and the debates are looking very interesting. It will notably include undoubtable experts on urbanism in Lebanon and urban policies, such as Mona Harb, who organises the event, Patrick Le Galès, Aude Signoles, Cathrine Brun, and Kamel Doraï (among many, many others). To say the least: this is exciting. Because not everyone can be in Beirut on these dates and I take notes on conferences, you will find on this post reports on every single presentation of the event (except for the roundtables, I must admit), the program of which is located here. You can access the abstracts here. Of course my reports will be based on what I understand and note from the presentations, and not about the original papers.

CityDebates 2016_Poster

“City Debates 2016” poster (click for zoomable version)

As I have noticed the reports were very long, you will find here a list of the keynotes and panels, followed by links to the notes where the syntheses are written, in order to keep this post readable and navigation through posts easier.

Wednesday 2nd March, Keynote 1:

Crisis, Policy-making  and “crisis urbanism”: A policy mobility perspective, by Pr Eugene McCann (Simon Fraser University, Canada); Discussant: Pr Patrick Le Galès (Science Po Paris, France)


Thursday 3rd March, Keynote 2:

Post2015 – Urban and Regional Planning Challenges for International Aid, by Pr Susan Parnell (African Centre for Cities, South Africa); Discussant: Pr Mona Harb and Pr Mona Fawwaz (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)


Thursday 3rd March, Panel 1:

Regionalisation as Policy Panacea?, with Dr Sylvia Bergh (Erasmus University, Netherlands), Pr Mona Harb and Ms Yara Najem (American University of Beirut, Lebanon), and Pr Sami Yassine Turki (Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de Tunis, Tunisia).


Thursday 3rd March, Panel 2:

Rescaling and Counter-Hegemonies,  Dr Seth Schindler (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom), Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kemal Bayırbağ (Middle East Technical University, Turkey), and Dr Aude Signoles (Institut de Recherche et d’Etude sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman, France)


Friday, 4th March, Keynote 3:

From War Zones to Safe Cities: Humanitarianism, Militarization, and Displacement, Pr Jennifer Hyndman (York University, United Kingdom); Discussant: Dr Nikolas Konstantopoulos (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)


Friday, 4th March, Panel 3:

Refugee Policies Paradigms and Limitations, Dr Romola Sanyal and Ms Jessy Nasser (London School of Economics, United Kingdom and American University of Beirut, Lebanon), Dr. Erica Harper (West Asia – North Africa Institute Think Tank, Jordan), Dr Loren Landau and Dr Caroline Kihato (Wits University, South Africa).


Friday, 4th March, Panel 4:

Living refuge, Pr Anita Fabos (Clark University, United States of America), Dr Kamel Doraï (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France and Institut Français au Proche-Orient, Jordan).


Friday, 4th March, Panel 5:

From Humanitarian Global Strategy to Engaging the Local Context, Pr Cathrine Brun (Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom), Pr Mona Fawaz (American University of Beirut, Lebanon).


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